Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010 Motorsports Calendar

(last update: December 15th 2009)
I've compiled a brief motorsports calendar for 2010 in an excel file. Each sheet consists of one month and I've decided to include the important international (atleast imo) motorsport events which are the following:
  • Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • WSBK (World SuperBike Championship)
  • WRC (World Rally Championship)
  • WTCC (World Touring Car Championship)
  • IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge)
  • Isle Of Man TT
  • Dakar 2010
I've included the logos of these events as reference on the days of the event and put the legend on the first page. Enjoy!

(Note: If the dates change I will try my best to keep up with the update)

Please don't ask me to add anything that you think is big in your country (NASCAR, Indy, BSB, AMA, etc) as this calendar was initially done for personal use and only recently I decided of sharing it. If you see anything wrong with the dates, leave a comment and I'll be sure to fix it :)

Will add the Le Mans Series 2010 when the remaining 2 out of 5 dates location are confirmed.

Please remember the point of making this calendar was to stick an A4 paper on the wall and use the logos as quick reference to what events are taking place on the given days or weekends

I haven't locked the sheet, so if you don't like anything about it you can edit it as you please.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It is Official!

First off, sorry for the long break. I didn't feel like there was anything worth posting or sharing with you guys. I've been watching a few shows over the past month and will share with you now :).

Before I give you something worth reading or checking out. It's official chicks and dudes. It is official, Desperate House Wives has begun a very high speed decline. From the start of season 6 I knew I was not in for another entertaining season of DHW. The focus on the main characters has faded away to crap. They began introducing new characters that really have nothing that would keep you wanting to see whats going to happen the next episode. I was not quick to judge and gave it six episodes before I pulled the plug on that b*tch! I think I was fair with deciding not to ever see another episode of DHW ever again. They were not doing too bad end of season 5, and should have done the right thing and just gave us a proper finale. Now people won't say DHW was a great show anymore. Instead "DHW should have stopped at the fifth season". As much as I dig Drea De Matteo, introducing her didn't do the show any good, and did end up losing me as a fan either way.

A small update on the shows I mentioned in my previous blogs and how they are doing.

The Middle update

So far this show has been fun to watch. I haven't set a bar that high, knowing that it will probably never be a GREAT show, but more like a show that isn't painful to watch. The little kid though does tend to get a little annoying and should stop that whole whispering and repeating words cause its not as funny as they thought it would be.

Boy Meets World

I finally watched the last episode a few hours ago. I must say that I loved how we got to see the main cast grow up over the years. The character development was excellent for Cory's dad and Corys brother, Eric. When the show first started the father was never really that involved and Eric was close to a cameo. But they really did play it right and by the end of this show I can comfortably say Eric was one of my favorites! (FEHEHEHENEY!?!) Adding Rachel and Shawn's brother to the show wasn't a bad idea either.

The only thing that might have taken down this show ratings back in the day was the whole romantic side of Cory and Topanga. We all knew they were meant for each other, but wanted to laugh more than see Cory repeatedly assuring his love bird that they will end up together forever. Feeny was also a very lovable and respectable character.

Flash Foward update

Sorry, I lost interest in the 3rd episode. I was very wrong when I said this show might be the next Lost or Prison Break. This show had one of the best pilots I've seen in a very long time. The sad part is that the pilot might have been the climax of Flash Forward. What made me lose interest is the seventeen thousand story lines every episode. Not only that. But they are not as exciting as I thought they would be. The idea is fresh but the writers did get way too excited and messed up. I found my self having to focus very hard to remotely enjoy this "would have been".

'Til Death update

On a break again! Man this show's got the axe flying at it quiet fast. When they did get back, I realized the episodes were not as exciting as they use to be. They weren't bad,,, just not as good. But not bad enough for me to stop watching sexy Joely Fisher :).

Curb Your Enthusiasm update

Still running strong! If you haven't seen this show yet, stop messing about and start watching it. LD is really a genius.

One Tree Hill update

I have to admit but this show has to be my "guilty pleasure"! I don't talk about it because the only people who know how great it actually is are the ones who've seen it from the beginning. A major change in cast has taken place this season but the change was PERFECT. So PERFECT that I forgot we lost some of our favorites. The addition of smoking hot Shantel VanSanten was spot on! I hope they make her main cast cause she is the main reason I look forward every week for this show after the changes that have taken place. Also Jana Kramer is a little eye candy!
Bringing back Daneel Harris also made my day!


except, you know... (trying to avoid a spoiler)

Anyway thats it for the the shows that I thought are worth mentioning.

On a side note. I was told Oz was a another great show that ended after 6 seasons in 2003. I watched the pilot a month back and definitely thought it was great. So will continue watching that today:) For those who are confused. Oz is like Prison Break except there is no break :) I think. Its life in prison. Not bad I hope.

I've also watched the pilot of 'It's always Sunny in Philadelphia' and kinda liked it. Hope I stay liking it :).

Monday, October 5, 2009

'Til Death is back

After 359 days, 'Til Death is finally back. I really thought this show was never coming back, as they kept postponing this episode since Feb. The odd part is it was doing quiet well until they introduced J.B. Smoove. I don't mind annoying characters or people on a show like Larry David or Steve Carell. These people are actually funny. But Smoove*? He ain't smoove at all and has a very high pitched annoying voice which can really get to you sometimes. Too much of him will ruin any show IMO. I don't think it'll be long before he gets the boot in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Anyway Til Death is back and the first episode of season 4 is quiet alright. I never expect too much from this show anyway, and only watched it cause Joely Fisher is one hot mamma! Not forgetting to also give credit to Brad Garret!

*see Tracy Morgan for similar idiot

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hank - TV Series

After watching the pilot. My opinion remains unchanged about 'The Middle' being the best new 20 minute sitcom of 2009. Hank is a little slow and might only attract a certain fan base. I was never a Frasier fan so I really can't judge this time. Its not that I never enjoyed that show. It just never crossed my find to sit down and watch it. Saw a few episodes and thought it was good. Maybe one day I'll add it to my list.

For now, I won't go on and say anything else about 'Hank', more than it probably has a selected fan base.

Not my cuppa tea.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Middle - TV Series

Just watched the pilot that was aired last night and I got one thing to say. NICE! The main cast of this show is damn awesome. Its a show about a wifey, a hubby and three kids. The best part is the wifey is Patricia Heaton! - for those who are clueless, thats Debra, Raymond's wife from 'Everybody Loves Raymond', also the only one who had a 'normal' non-sweeky, non-i'm so bored of life voice. I never fancied 'ELR' but I'm sure that pretty mamma will be doing a damn fine job in 'The Middle'. Another GREAT surprise the show presents us is Neil Flynn (The Janitor from Scrubs). Thank god he found a place on this show as the last season of 'Scrubs' just lost it. I couldn't go past the second episode of Season 8 and had to put it to rest.

Now about the show. The mom sells cars for a living and the dad works in construction or something - didn't really pay attention sorry, but he's definitely not mopping patient puke!. They both got 3 boys and a girl. The youngest kid is somewhat like Dewey from 'Malcolm In The Middle'. The older son is just a lazy, eating, sleeping, crapping thing. The daughter, is just a daughter.

I can kinda compare this show to MITM a little. But the spot light this time is on the husband and wife. Which I don't mind at all since I always liked Debra and The Janitor was my favorite after Dr. Cox.

Anyway, over all I liked this show. The pilot was a perfect introduction and it filled up pretty good. Its definitely worth making time for as its been a while since we had seen anything on the same lines of 'Malcolm In The Middle' and I'm sure we all miss it.

Give it a shot! Its quiet entertaining to watch and is surely the only 20 minute sitcom worth watching that has piloted this Fall. (That might change after I watch 'Hank')

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 7 Episode 2

Okay, I am currently watch over 20 shows and I never thought I would be bringing up any of the stuff thats been running for a while now. But I really have to make an exception this time. I've been following CYE from the start and I always thought it was a great show. Larry David probably has one of them most repulsive, annoying and most irritating personalities ever on his show. I'm sure he's not the same in real life, but if he was that bad I wouldn't be surprised:). Anyway I've always enjoyed watching LD crossing the "red line" and going so far past limits that if the situations he puts him self in actually do happen in real life, the man would be losing friends and screwing his reputation by the second. In every episode, he does something incredibly stupid or rude, and when you think its about time he shut his mouth, he takes the word "rudeness" to the next level.

The most recent episode I watched last night entitled 'Vehicular Fellatio' really did it for me. If any of you guys out there fail to see the humor in this show you have to see the second episode of season seven. This episode is by far probably the most LD packed episode. This episode really defines LDs show. The man does not know when to stop and will be flying by you at 100 reasons you wanna stab him/second. You can be on your death bed and ask him for a can of coke. He'll go to the vending machine, get you one and make sure he doesn't leave the room before you pay him back.

Try giving this show a shot if you still haven't began watching it. Give this episode a shot in specific. If you love it then I suggest you start from the pilot, cause you're missing out on a whole lot of quality HBO.

Larry David has no limits - and will never fail to impress you:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

FlashForward - TV Series

I think my last post I put up saying "fall of 2009 has nothing good to offer" was intentional:). I have a habit of purposely jinxing my self when I insist of wanting things to go my way:)

Now. FlashForward. I just saw the pilot and I was SOLD! The idea is somewhat fresh and filled with suspense. The plot is basically the following:- The whole world black out for 2 minutes 17 seconds and see their future on April 29th 2010. Each person sees something and some hope that day never comes and some are wishing their flash forward vision is actually true.

I love the idea and have added FlashForward to my list. This show has all the potential to be up there and will receive great ratings. If the writers are heading in the right direction FlashForward can easily become the next 'Lost', 'Prison Break' or 'Heroes'. People will be talking about this show in the days to come.

Talking about 'Lost', there is a little treat for you in the cast of this show - if you can't already tell from the photo above. Oh and John Cho (Harold & Kumar) is in the main cast, but he ain't stoned in this one :P. There is also another guest from 'Lost', but so far they are only scheduled for 3 episodes.

All in all, its a damn great idea and I LOVED the pilot. Can't wait for episode number two.

Check it out cause this show IS worth it.

On a side note, got my fingers crossed for 'Hank' and 'The Middle'. Pilots should be airing in the next few days. Will keep you updated.

Modern Family - TV series

I'm really starting to believe that Fall of 2009 has nothing worthy to offer. This show sounded good when I read the synopsis, so I thought I should give it a shot. After watching the pilot I can say thats it not a bad show, its not a great show either. The idea is quiet alright. The acting is satisfactory. Its a shame that a show like this could've really been something if they only chose the right people to do the acting. 'Modern Family' simple put, is the best of the worst. I don't know whether or not a show like this would continue or not, but I know for sure that I'm not impressed and I won't be watching it. Lets see how things go over the next few months. Will be reading reviews on character development, and won't mind giving it a second shot if I think I've done a mistake in letting it go.

All in all I think this show is okay and I don't think I would immediately flip the channel if I saw it on TV. Lets hope it gets better or worth watching.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last King Of Scotland (2006)

When I first read the title I thought I was going to be watching another historic movie, and was so close of passing on this one and missing out on it. When I saw the poster I knew I was in for a real treat. This movie in short will keep you interested. Scratch that. This movie will keep you EXTREMELY interested from the first 10 minutes all the way to the end. The first few minutes are a little uninteresting but trust me, once Idi Amin is done with his speech things will start to really kick off, and you will be waiting immensely for the next scene dieing to know what will happen next.

Highly recommend it as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Community - TV Series

Okay, I just saw the pilot of this new TV series. I wasn't impressed to be honest. I'm not saying the show is bad. Its just did not grab my attention. It doesn't have the factor that will make me love the show or even recommend it. Its no where nearly half as bad as 'Bored To Death'. I'm not going to flame this show, just because it did not meet my expectations. I just feel that it could have been better. If you feel like checking it out, do so. It might be your cuppa tea. I just wanna tell you that there are much better shows out there at the moment, and if you think this show is good then you'll easily be sold with the other shows. I'm talking right now about the 20 minute series. Anyway, I don't have anything good or bad to say about this show. All I can say is that I'll be shocked if the ratings go up. There are far worse shows than this, so I wouldn't be surprised if this show doesn't get the axe and makes it to the last episode of season 1.

All in all, its alright. If you absolutely have nothing to do, give it a shot.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bored To Death - TV Series

Is gonna fuckin bore you to death! Please don't watch it. As soon as I saw the pilot I felt sick. Shwartzman haircut made me sick. Oh and the lighting! The lighting is the worst! The show is so dead. When I watched it I entered instant depression mode. There is something about this show that makes it suck. Its only the pilot, I know. But a pilot should be interesting enough for someone to invest time the following week to sit there ass down and watch episode 2. The more I continued to watch it the more I felt dead. I really don't know what type of people would enjoy such shows. Probably smelly people who got shit stains on there beanbag cause they jerk off butt naked to Brittany Murphy and stuff the tissue under the carpet.

Man I can't believe what this show got me writing. I was looking forward to September, to the new shows. Thanks to BTD, thats one shitty show I don't have to add to the list. If you really think this show is funny then keep it to your self. In fact, if I ever meet someone who likes this show or doesn't change the channel when its on, FUCK THEM. I don't want to be friends or even acquaintances with this person.

To sum up the pilot in a few words:- dull, boring, painful to watch, anyone with Schwartzman's haircut should face death penalty , and Zack should dedicate his life to smoking pot, and stop trying to be funny.

I will provide some visuals to save you 29 minutes of your life. Oh and before I forget. ITS HBO! WTF HAPPENED TO HBO! At one point I watched any series on HBO, cause they had class and knew whats good and bad -except Sex & The City.

This is the face you will be seeing until 'Bored To Death' gets the axe. Are you willing to go thru this every week?

Watch this show sink faster than whale shit*.

Given that its a big chunk, and of course, doesn't float.

American Chopper - Abu Dhabi Police Episode

I thought this episode was pretty cool since I currently live in the GCC. I never provide download links but what the hell. I'm sure some of you out there who live in the UAE would love to see this episode.

Below are the rapid share links, and its only 2 files so shouldn't take a lot of time:).

A Time To Kill (1996)

Matthew McConaughey got it right and spot on in 'A Time To Kill'. This film is a fine example of a great movie. It has all the elements one would look for in a movie. From the first scene until the last it keeps you interested. None of that 45 minute wait before things start getting good. Its a little over 2 hours long, but damn well worth it. Movies like this are what make an actors career and give him his big break, and I'm pretty sure McConaughey did get his big break after this one.

I have added this film to my list of favorites and highly recommend it! You will be entertained and on the edge of your seat for from the start until the credits start rolling.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

What the F#$% was Mr. McConaughey thinking?

There is a point in an actors career where they start off with something stupid and funny. Something that people wouldn't criticize heavily. A fine example would be ALL of Seth Rogens work. This man will always be stupid, and funny to some people. Asking a critique to sit down and see his work is like asking Simon listen to me sing. I suck at it and always will.

Back to Matty. I haven't the slightest idea what he was thinking when he decided to be part of 'Surfer Dude'. If you haven't seen it. You don't really have to. Its nothing great. Its a mistake that had been done and should never be repeated. You want to know why its the worst decision he ever made or will ever make in his acting career. This is why.

To sum up the movie. Its about a dude who says 'dude' every 7 seconds, who's a surfer, who is always high. I have no problem with the character and the plot. I have a major problem with someone who decides to be in such movies who's been acting for over 15 years. I wouldn't have had a problem if say, Sean William Scott was in this movie instead. Would've been a lot funnier thats for sure. But for someone who is trying to build a respectable acting career Matthew has screwed up big time.

I found something interesting a few days ago which even made me despise 'Surfer, Dude' even more. In 1982, a 22 year old actor decided to start off his career with a movie the dumbass (see above) decided to act in at the age of 39! If you don't know who I'm talking about please see below.

Do you see the resemblance?

Sean Penn's second movie he had ever done had him as a stoned, surfer, dude. The man was 22. Today he is something Mr. McConaughey will never be.

If you're really bored and want to see someone famous make an ass out of them selves watch 'Surfer, Dude'.

In case you want to see Penn's movie, its called Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Not a bad movie for someone who just started acting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Assassination Of Richard Nixon (2004)

I'm just a little biased when it comes to Sean Penn's work. It is just me or does he really deserve more than a couple of Oscars? I don't care what anyone says, he is the only one who knows the true essence of acting like a retard:) I'm talking about I Am Sam, not this film. Sean Penn is the greatest retard of all time, whether you like it or not. Hoffman is a sack of ****. End of story.

Any who, back to Nixon. Only 30 mins into this movie and I knew this was going to be one of my favorites. A little biased I know. But the man can act. If you don't know what's so great about him, watch these movies in this order
  1. I Am Sam
  2. Dead Man Walking (By this time you'll know what I'm talking about)
  3. Sweet and Lowdown (Shows you how far he can go)
  4. The Assassination Of Richard Nixon (Guaranteed to love it if by this time you've become a fan)
  5. Everything else he starred in to see how he grew and matured
I will recommending a few more movies in the future for Penn so get use to it:) I don't want to ruin this movie but if you loved Robert De Niro's No.1 movie of all time, you will enjoy this one too. If you don't know which one I'm talking about then tough shit. I'll give you a hint. It was in the 70's and I've already recommended it earlier in my blog.

So yeah, watch this film, and if you don't like it, then close this window and don't come back again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hamburger Paradise

If you are a burger lover don't even think of letting this one pass. Even if you aren't a lover, I guarantee you that you will be eating a burger within a few minutes of watching this documentary. It was aired by The Travel Channel, so I don't know how easy it will be to get your hands on it. But if you do, enjoy:) I've seen this show 6 days ago and have eaten 5 burgers already:).

True Blood

See, here is the thing with 'True Blood'. Its a fantastic show. The idea behind it is just what we've been waiting for. I considered my self a vampire fanatic. When I was 15. I find it really hard nowadays to watch fictional shows or movies. Specially Sci-Fi and vampire related crap. I know that if I was still into Angel - which btw is probably the best vampire series ever - I would've fallen in love with True Blood. The pilot episode last year was great but I've really moved on and don't think will ever consider watching those kinda shows or movies ever again.

I was so obsessed with the whole blood sucking thing in my teens I decided to write a paper on how vampires do exist in real life and I remember writing something about an extra chromosome people have which make'em crave for blood. That was me 6 years ago. Today I've grown and none of that crap will ever do it for me anymore. I'm not saying 'True Blood' is a crap show, I'm just saying that unless your still a fan of Vampire related entertainment, part of you will be enjoying the show and the amazing concept of this show, and the other half of you will be sayin "I can't believe I'm actually watching this show?!?! Its so great but why am I still watching it?"

So on a final note, if you are a fan of these kinda shows, there is no way you won't love this one. I would definitely recommend it. Otherwise don't bother.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Modern Times (1936)

If by this point you have begun appreciating Chaplins work then this is a defenitive must see.

I initially wanted to recommend this a few weeks back but had to mention 'Gold Rush' to the people in denial of Chaplins work and talent. 'Gold Rush' is what made it for me, and is his No.1. 'Modern Times' is just another one of his flawless material he had come up with.

Give it a shot, its surely one of his top 5 films.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A month later...

And I'm finally done watching According to Jim and King Of Queens full season pack. It ussually takes me a day or two to finish one typical 24 episode season. But things have been slow on my side and I've been busy with a few non-tv related activities:) I'm kinda looking forward to this month cause I FINALLY finished my stupid thesis and will be handing it soon next week. It took a while, but finally its done. Sorry, thats not why I'm looking forward to September. I'm looking forward to September cause all the shows are back! I got this "cool" feeling inside of me when I saw the first episode of the second season of Sons of Anarchy. Man I dunno what it is with that show. But you cannot not feel some what awesome and badass when you sit and watch it. Its not all bikers and harley davidson loud noises bullshit. Its got an actual story line and a very interesting one. I got hooked from the pilot last season and could wait for season 2.

I also caught up with Curb Your Enthusiasm. Man I thought that show would never be back after the 17 year break LD decided to take. But its back packed with a suprise that made my day! You know what, fuck it. I have to spoil it for you since I'm sure you've already heard about the big news. Seinfeld is back! But not the actual show. The cast will be past of CYE this season and the best part is Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine will all be improvising! Yup, no script! Newman is back too:).

One Tree Hill, one of my favourite shows is back today. I don't care if you think its gay. Everyone who watched that show from the begining loved it. Yes you will think its not all ballsy if you see it on cable without knowing the history of what has happened to all the characters. As shows start coming back I'll post more often and recommend a few sitcoms and series old and new. I have about half a dozen sitcoms piloting this month lined up and if I see anything I like I'll keep you posted:)

I thought I'de give 'Park and Recreation' a shot. The one with Aziz Ansari, and Rashida Jones (The Office). I naturally thought it would be a great show since we got Aziz, but I was kinda dissapointed in the pilot episode. Its starts off funny, then god damn slow. Then followed by me turning the show off and never looking back again. You know me, if it ain't got it, then I ain't gonna watch it. Its ratings weren't all that great anyway, no wonder it took me a whole year to realise the show exists. Its missing the Michael Scott element we see in 'The Office' and it will never be no where close to that show.

I've lined up over 100 movies I'll be watching over the next 3-4 months, and as usual only 20-30% if not less will actually deserve a recommendation. So I'll hopefully be updating more often.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie break

I've decided to take a break from watching 700 movies a day. I've been catching up with a few ended sitcoms like According to Jim and The King of Queens:) Watching everything shouldn't take me more than two weeks given I watch about a season every 2 or 3 days. Another mini-series I began watching which I would highly recommend is Angels In America. Another obsession which is slowly growing on to me is sports! Weird huh? I've been hooked to the superbike season ( WSBK and MotoGP) big time. MotoGP can be considered the Formula 1 for superbikes but I've really been enjoying WSBK ALOT more. Only problem is both events will be ending in November and be back in March-April. If anyone out there has any recommendations ( other than soccer, football, golf, hockey, WWE and UFC) please advise:). I'm considering watching some basket ball as that will start around the same time superbike ends, and the best part is it will end around same time MotoGP starts! So yeah I'll be busy watching something all year! Ofcourse other than the 25 other series and sitcoms I'm following.

Before I forget, I had seen G.I. Joe a few days ago at the movies and I was surprisingly very entertained! I must say I really enjoyed it. Way more than Transformers 2. Oh and one more thing. Seth Rogen sucks. I've given up on his repetitive dumb comedy and will consider watching his stuff again once he tries something different. I might cheat and watch Funny People, but that is the last movie I'm watching for him.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Etz Limon (2008)

Salma (Hiam Abbass), a Palestinian widow, has to stand up against her new neighbour, the Israeli Defence Minister (Doron Tavory), when he moves into his new house opposite her lemon grove, on the green line border between Israel and the West bank.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


make me sick.

Specially the kind that doesn't eat eggs, cheese or drink milk. I think they have a name. They're called ovo-lacto-f**ks.
I once got food poisoning and couldn't enjoy my burgers like I use to. I seriously began questioning my existence on this planet and considered suicide. "Oh my blood type suggests I don't need to eat dairy products to keep healthy and survive". How about you put a beef in it and invest in lettuce. Just like I refuse to be friends with people who own or like this piece of $#!T

I refuse to be friends with people who don't think "eating meat will do them any good"

Just thought I'de share.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Visitor (2007)

A college professor (Richard Jenkins) travels to New York City to attend a conference and finds a young couple living in his apartment. Go figure and don't forget to enjoy:)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Syrian Bride (2004)

Hats off for the great Eran Riklis. I enjoyed this movie from begining to end hence, as usual, I recommend:)

Synopsis: "The Syrian Bride" takes place at such a remote corner of the Golan Heights that when an Israeli official refers to it as a "military outpost," a Syrian scoffs at its ramshackle guardhouse and token military contingent. This obscure border crossing is crucial, however, to the future of Mona (Clara Khoury), who hopes to cross from Israel into Syria and be married. Her problem is that Syria considers her to already be in Syria, and Israel considers her to be in Israel. How can she cross from a place one side says does not exist to a place the other side says does not exist?
By Robert Ebert

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dead Man Walking (1995)

Now I might be a little biased about this post cause I'm slowly turning into a diehard Sean Penn fan, but I was blown away with his acting in this movie. 'Dead Man Walking' along with 'I Am Sam' and 'Milk' just go to show how great Penn is. They also show how much of an under rated actor he is. I don't recall the last time I sat with someone who had him on his favourites list. If you are fond of this "acting virtuoso" as much as I am then don't let DMW pass. If you think that you might start appreciating Penns work please just be patient, watch this film and focus on his acting. I thought it was incredible and probably ONE of his masterpieces. Getting to see his skills, talent and different shades of how far he is willing to go to prove he is up there with a few actors we can never forget will really keep you on the edge to always follow up with his latest work.

I say once again, please focus on his acting capabilities if you consider watching 'Dead Man Walking'. The man has 2 Oscars and thats not the end of it. He's defenitely got a few more in him.

Long live Penn!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Do The Right Thing (1989)

I had mentioned earlier that I'm a sucker for the racism genre and this movie does no mistake in hitting the spot. It's got comedy and racism combined together.

The dumbest question I was ever asked once was "Why do you like movies that revolve around racism?". Well maybe because they can only change people to the better. I might not be facing the racism we see when it comes to blacks and whites, but it exists everywhere and we all have or will experience it at one point in time, being indirect or direct.

Back to movie. I was happy to see a little of Martin Lawrence in 'Do The Right Thing'. I was also shocked how short Spike Lee was, and still is:)! He was in his early 30's when he did this film. He's the one in the left of the photo above who plays the role of a teenager pizza boy.

Over all I found this movie very entertaining and at the same time one with a point.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Boondock Saints (1999)

Here is another recommendation. I had seen this movie sometime in 2004 and do remember really enjoying it.

Synopsis: Two brothers commissioned by Him to get rid of all evil.

Note: Try keeping track of how many times the geezer in the movie says the F word:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I got a new passion, and its called...


Never in my life did I think I'de get into this kind of sport. At the moment I'm following the 2009 rounds for MotoGP(125cc, 250cc and 800cc), WSBK, BSB. It all started out of the blues. About a week ago I turned my TV on and Round 9 of the MotoGP was on. I wasn't really paying attention at first but then I did start paying attention to what those daredevils were doing it was love at first sight. I gave WSBK a shot at first, realised it won't be enough dosage. Moved to 800cc MotoGP. When that was over I had to start watching the less power class, the 125cc and 250cc races. I was also told that British Superbike Championships is worth following. Did not hesitate and did that too. Over the past week my outlook towards life has changed to the better thanks to that MotoGP race being aired at the perfect time when I decided to watch some TV. I'm also considering F1 which I'm definitely going to enjoy.

Now the best part of this all is that we got a track back home in Qatar that MotoGP and WSBK comes down to every year since 2004:) Is life good or what?

Some of you might not relate. But one good reason why you should consider watching this crazy sport is shown below :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paths of Glory (1957)

Paths of Glory is a story of military injustice in the French army during World War I. At first I was hesitant on giving it a shot when I saw the DVD cover, as I'm not a big fan of war movies. But this one was more of an anti-war movie which changes everything. My initial hopes were very low for this film. But I got to be honest and say that I was very impressed by the end of it. Its run time is perfect and not another 17 hour long war related movie.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Am Sam (2001)

Sean Penn's capabilities blew be away in this one. Definitely one of his top 3. If you like his work, don't even think of ignoring it. If you're not a fan, watch 'I Am Sam' and become a fan.

Less talk and more watch.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gold Rush (1925)

I was planning on talking about Modern Times (1936) by Charles Chaplin, when I decided to mention some of his phenomenal work. But I just couldn't formally introduce him on my blog without mentioning 'Gold Rush' first. Back in school I never really cared for Chaplin. The only time I got to see his work was when I was on a plane and they were viewing some of his short movies. I never really understood what the fuss about him was until I saw this masterpiece.

'Gold Rush' made me understand why Chaplin is remembered until today and forever. I was really speechless by the end of this silent film. What was so great (in general) about Charles is that he made you love his acting while remaining completely silent. His characters in his films were just so pure, honest, and innocent you couldn't not fall inlove with the man. I decided to mention 'Gold Rush' to you first because this is what made me a fan of his fabulous work. This film probably reflects his true talent in what he did and shows you why no one can and will ever replace him.

The one scene that had me on the floor and made me love him even more is the one below.

*He had just boiled his shoe for supper, rather than starving to death*

If you watch this film and lack to see what is so unique about it then I really doubt you will enjoy his other work. Which is a real shame.

Just keep one thing in mind. The man could show us any sort of emotion without having to say a single word.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

I have never recommended any movie as much as I had with Monte Cristo. This one remained my No.1 movie for quiet a long time. It still remains ranked in my top 5. Post this movie I had become a huge fan of Jim Caviezel and had a mission to watch all his releases. The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel by Alexandre Dumas. I did not read any of his books nor did I see the several versions of this movie that had been done in the past. All I can say is that there is a zero chance possibility you will not enjoy if not even love this movie!

I had noticed how talented Jim is as an actor after watching 'Passion of the Christ' and 'Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius'. The guy will definitely have a few Oscar trophies on his shelf by the end of his career. Looking forward to find a copy of 'The Stoning of Soraya M.'

There is only a number of movies out there based on revenge, and this is one of them. You are missing out on a lot if you don't watch it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

12 Angry Men (1957)

12 angry men. 6 ash trays. 1 room. No ventilation. Sounds smelly and boring, doesn't it? Except the 12 angry men are jurors, and the fate of a 18 year old Latino who has been accused of murdering his father, rests in the hands of 12 individuals he has never met. The movie starts of with 1 voting not guilty and the rest 11 voting guilty. It is upto Henry Fonda to change the mind of 11 stubborn men.

I found it incredibly hard to fall asleep or not enjoy this movie. The plan was to watch some 50 year old boring black and white movie that starts getting interesting 3 weeks later. At 4AM I found my self still wide awake shocked at how a movie that takes place in a single room with 12 sweaty men be this great! I was particularly impressed with the fantastic acting by Lee J Cobb. He was terribly loud at times, but the louder he got the more you lost hope in seeing the 18 year old getting a second chance.

This film, along with Paths of Glory (Which I will talk about in the coming days) take the medals for my favorite movies in the 50's. I am yet to watch the half a dozen movies released in the 50's I have put aside. Don't hold your breath though for anymore recommendations on the 50's unless you specifically advise me to watch ASAP the ones I've put aside.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Combination (2009)

Another recommendation you might have not heard off. Pretty recent and right out of Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! I mentioned earlier that I'm a sucker for racial movies. If you liked American History X this one will hit the spot!
Check out the trailer and don't let this one get past you.

Entourage is back!!!


This is probably my only highlight of the summer. I know. Very sad. But I don't got alot of things planned this summer, other than finishing my thesis - plus thats a burden I will continue to carry until September 25th.

I really don't know why not many people watch this show. I can only think of 2 or 3 friends who watch it, which is also very sad. If you need a reason to start watching it, I'll give you one. Just one. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). I'm pretty sure the only reason,, scratch that,,, I'm 100% certain that the only reason people love and still watch this show is to see how Ari will continue to prove to the world how he wins 1st prize for being the worlds greatest asshole, every single episode.
When the show first began, we didn't see alot of him, but the feedback gotten from the viewers had shown Marky Mark that Piven is infact why the ratings on the show are pretty high. What sucks is that Mr. Gold plays a role of a side dish in Entourage, and you don't get to see more than 5 minutes of him per episode, when infact he should be the main course. But I guess too much from something can get you sick and the writers are trying to play it safe. Another reason why you should watch this show is for the addition yet very occasional appearances of Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Moving to reasons why I wouldn't blame people who refuse to watch the show. E. Eric. Kevin Connoly. That dwarf (with all due respect to Turtle) is like the springs that just keep poking you in the arse everytime you sit on that 500 year old sofa you got in the living room that no one wants to replace cause the seat cushion has taken the shape of your grandpa's rare. I don't want to be too harsh on Connoly, but what irritates the hell out of me has something to do with when he moves that thing on his face, which causes noise. Thats all I hear. Noise. Other actors I hate on the show are everyone else other than the people I mentioned above. Ari's assistant Lloyd will get a pass, as long as he keeps getting the best out of his boss. Now, you might ask, "is one person on the show enough of a reason for you to religiously start watching Entourage?" Yes it is. Here is why.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

I've established two things after watching MDB:
1)Clint Eastwood does not train girls
2)Clint Eastwood also does not direct a movie that ends according to how the viewers want it to end.

I don't know what it is with Clint, but his choice in movies always seperates him from the other actors. He tries, actually tried (now that he's retired) to give the audience a movie that does not end like each and every other movie we see now and then. Clint does not know or has never come a cross a course in acting school entitled HappyEnding101. The guy just gives it to you. Whether you like it or you don't, not his problem. His only concern is making sure it does not end according to how YOU want it to end. You will watch MDB, enjoy it, be caught off guard by it, and recommend it. Thats how the man with no name roles and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

This movie is exciting, emotional, clinty. Very few actors decide to hand pick the last few movies in their career like the ones Eastwood has chosen for us to remember him by.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Never Surrender (2009)

They should've called it 'Never watch this crap'

I thought to my self that maybe if they had gotten GSP or Rampage or even that midget Penn to star in this movie, it might have been better. Guess what? They can't act for shit either. So they get the next worst thing, Hector Echadiarrhea. The production and release of Never Surrender sends out a very strong message to UFC fans, "F**K YOU!". I can't believe I was actually excited when I heard a movie with UFC fighters and one targeting UFC fans is out! Director Hector knew this one would suck so bad that he HAD to include a few to many titties for viewers not to turn it off and burn the DVD with a blue flame -he had forgotten we could access porn using the internet.

This movie hits the number one spot on my "Most shittiest movies of all time" list.

Enough said.

Actually, no, I haven't said everything I have to say.

What the **** is this?

"You sucha cutie when yer not breaking bones!"

For those who do not know Quinton Jackson. Next time you see him just try reenacting that scene. Before you do make sure you order your self a power wheelchair. Hector obviously paid Rampage alot of money to spare his life when he shot this scene.



Friday, July 10, 2009

Malcolm X (1992)

I've been wanting to watch this movie for a very long time now. I finally got the chance last night to sit down and watch it with a couple of friends. Before watching this movie I really did not have sufficient knowledge about Mr. X's history, but had heard several of his speeches and thought "Boy! what a great preacher that man is.". I really enjoyed listening to his speeches, which in return made me extremely anxious to watch the movie starring Denzel Washington. I've seen most of Denzels movies and loved them all. The mans acting is flawless and he knows what scripts make a good movie. The only poor decision I think he had done in the past was when he picked 'Out Of Time' - maybe the lovely Mendes was his motive, who knows.

Back to topic. I thought the acting was outstanding, and at times I got carried away, and thought Malcolm X was the star and not Denzel. For the sake of those who haven't watched this movie yet, I don't want to get in to alot of detail on what I thought about the events that took place in the life of Mr. X and the paths he chose. But what I can say is that Malcolm X was an excellent debater and preacher. He was determined before the 'true Islam' period of his life for the wrong reasons, and when he detached himself from Elijah Mohammed for the right ones. End of the day he did what he did to seek the truth for his people, and had what it takes to get a significant number of audience to portray him as a leader and listen to what he had to say. That alone is an accomplishment given the circumstances at the time.

I, personally, am a sucker for movies that revolve around racism and discrimination, and my No.1 movie in that genre would still remain "Remember The Titans" (also starring Denzel Washington). If you, as my self, find it essential to see all Mr. D's work then you will not be disappointed watching Malcolm X, as he was the perfect candidate for this one.

Note: Its over 3 hours long, so make sure its not close to your bedtime, as you don't want to wake up to the closing credits:).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A list of actors I hate

1.Steven Seagal
2.Nicholas Cage


Dustin Hoffman is coming extremely close of being added on that list. I've see Tootsie, hated it. The Graduate, began hating Dustin. At the moment I'm watching Kramer vs. Kramer and things aren't looking too good. I'm giving Hoffshit not one, but two more chances. I'll be watching Midnight Cowboy and Rain man in the coming days and that will determine my FINAL opinion of the Dustbin. To be fair and take credit where it is not due, Hoffman's face has really been damaging the liquid crystal on my flat panel, and any more viewings of ingenious incompetence will cost me another television. With the crisis and all, I really can't afford that at the moment, or ever.

The measures that have been taken to prevent hazardous toxic waste.

He has failed in my eyes as a trannie, a graduate who is missing the puberty gene, and a shitty father. I'm am yet to see him as a retard and as a male prostitute, and am finally moving on to the more important things in life.

Good Dick (2008)

Many of you might have not heard of this recent movie probably due to its weak promotion outside the US. Director, writer and star Marianna Palka does a great job in her debut appearance. The title has nothing to do with what you're probably thinking off. This one right here is about a troubled woman and a stubborn video clerk who tries to pull her away from her claustrophobic world. The rest is for you to watch and find out! What I can tell you is that by the time I was done watching this film, I knew instantly the new title that was going to be added on my 'Top 10 movies of 2008' list.

The only factor that slightly bothered me about this movie is the runtime. Its been a while since I've enjoyed a movie like this one right here, and wish it was a bit longer! Never the less I highly recommend Good Dick (the movie) so you can see for your self that the release of meaningful and great movies did not take a complete halt in the new millennium. (I'm sorry for the crappy news, but I really think 99% of the directors and writers lost it after the mid 90's.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The new Camaro blows!

I consider my self a muscle car lover. I'm guessing left and right road bends weren't invented yet as a term of reference for the engineers when the they decided to start building them. Still, owning a muscle is probably the sweet feelings in life a man can experience.

Now, please be kind enough and explain to me how can something this gorgeous go from looking like...

To looking like this...

and finally!!

I will tell you exactly what happened in the process of what is known as the biggest screw up in muscle car design history.

In 1969, the designer became partially visually impaired and came up with...

He was fired in 1981. Now thanks to the implementation of affirmative action, GM got the worste out of it. They should've kept thier pride and self respect and not fired Mr. I-can-hardly-see-jack-shit-anymore.

In 1982 it was publicly announced that Mr. I-can't-see-jack-shit has been hired.
This was the result.

Finally in 2008, the "Eat Light and Look Right" nutrition campaign couldn't only stop at food. GM had to push it and make thier vehicles look right too. The result?



A Corvette on a diet and life sucked out of it.

I struggled alot in finding a picture of the backside of the new Camaro. Then I thought "Oh well, I'm sure the official website would have a photo", and they did, ONLY ONE! Looks like they're finally convinced what a f*ck up they had done and decided to hide its fuglyness as much as possible to the poor fanatics.

The only thing that caught my attention about the new Camaro was the interior, which was the only decent thing left not to critisize, and that was it really. Don't worry, I did not miss the sleak design of the front of the car, I made sure I got as much mucus on the hood the last time I saw one. The owner thanked me afterwards for how masculine my personal addition made the car look.
On a final note, I must mention the only manufacturer who pulled out in 1974 that deserves all the respect Cheverolet will never earn is Plymouth.

The Cuda.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 2 Golden rules when using an elevator

Rule #1: When you've reached your desired floor and the door slides open for your highness, please place all your goals, ambitions and things you need to achieve in life before you die aside and try focusing on one thing only. GETTING THE F**K OUT AS SOON AS THE DOOR OPENS. Your selfish and single channeled mind might have not caught up with the fact that some elevators do not have those adorable sensors installed in them that automatically keep the doors open when people are going in or coming out. When your snail inherited ass takes it sweet time to get out, the door sometimes do slide shut the second you get out. The second class citizens that have been waiting for it end up waiting for the next sliding door to open and shed light and hope on their precious time and lives.

The next person I see taking more than a heart beat to get out will be shoved back in and forced to accompany me to the floor of my choosing. Before exiting I will make sure my fingers do that awesome xylophone effect on all the buttons so you practise getting out and back in like your life depended on it.

Rule#2: Has it ever crossed your mind that the reputation of yourself and your trampy mother will reach a new low when you enter an elevator before the people in it get out. If that doesn't bother you one bit, please consider taking ElevatorEtiquette101. I've noticed one thing all those idiots have in comon - LACK OF EDUCATION.

I've given up on waiting for people to change to the better.

Expect a meeting with a battering ram and your family jewels the next time you decide to enter an elevator before waiting for my departure.

Duck Soup (1933)

What's so extraordinary about Duck Soup is that whether you speak english, french, cantonese or portuguese you will probably laugh just as hard when you see this 68 minute running film. Age also won't matter, as you can be be school, collage or even retired and you will find your self laughing like a five year old. I think the Marx brothers were the real deal and everything we see today is the influence and mark they left in comedy. This film might be short, but trust me, finding something today as original and as funny from start to finish is like finding Nemo in the Indian Ocean. What's so great about this movie is that when I was done watching it, I recommended it to my sister, my dad (who speaks only two words of English) and to my friends, knowing they will all find it hilarious!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taxi Driver (1976)

After watching this movie, I'm pleased to say De Niro's fan base increase by +1. The unusual yet incredibly awesome change in Roberts character in this film left me speechless. I had no freakin idea such change can and would take place and have the film remain as awesome as it is. De Niro was in his mid 30's when he did this one and god damn it, he was a bad ass mofo psycho. His confidence when he speaks to Iris(Jodie Foster) in the coffee shop drives you crazy.

One thing him and Pacino share in comon is that THEY F***IN rocked the 70's! Another favourite scene of mine in this movie is when he chats with the secret service guy.

There is no need to really talk about The Scene, when stood infront of the mirror as it self defines the amount of hair that rest on his plums and is patented by Robert De Niro.
The best part is that I know this is not his #1 movie. I will be checking out Brazil and Deer Hunter which I'm sure will blow my mind.

Conclusion: Robert De Niro owned your ass if you were alive in the 70's.

The Lost Weekend (1945)

This is one of the films I really enjoyed that was shot in the 40's, and probably one of my all time favourites. What's so great about this movie is that so many people can relate to it. You might have once been there, have a friend who's been there or know a friend of a friend who's there right now. I always assumed that black and white movies take atleast 45 minutes before you start getting into the movie. I must say, this movie had my attention from the first scene.

A plot summary by Tom Zoemer:-

The unsuccessful writer Don Birnham is an alcoholic. Only his brother Wick and girlfriend Helen managed to keep him sober for 10 days and plan a little vacation on the countryside for the weekend. But Don manages to send them both away the evening before. Alone at home, without any money, he's desperate for something to drink.

Go ahead and watch it, you will not be sorry.

Next (2007)

I am yet to find a single human being on this planet who is a Cage fan. I've seen over a dozen of his movies and I feel that he lacks a skill, which we know as... acting. The only movie I can frankly say I enjoyed was Lord Of War. The guys tone, character and cold blooded extremely annoying attitude has been the same since he decided to sign up for Hollywood. I was flipping thru my cable last night and "Next" was almost have way through. The first thing that catches my eye in Cage's movies is that, anyone can play the role he plays! The guy has no talent. For example in "Next" they couldve gotten any, and I mean any newbie to play his role and the movie would've gotten the same mediocre reviews by the viewers. Acting is one thing and trying to get your eyebrows to make out everytime the director shouts "Action!" is another. If you find your self repeatedly getting suicidal tendencies please watch 'The Weather Man' and die slowly. Cage is ripping us all off! You want acting? This is acting...

Or this...

Those two shots alone say a thousand words.

I've got my fingers crossed for the next competent recruits and cvs Hollywood will be looking at.

Shia LaBeouf seems like he'll be going places.