Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dead Man Walking (1995)

Now I might be a little biased about this post cause I'm slowly turning into a diehard Sean Penn fan, but I was blown away with his acting in this movie. 'Dead Man Walking' along with 'I Am Sam' and 'Milk' just go to show how great Penn is. They also show how much of an under rated actor he is. I don't recall the last time I sat with someone who had him on his favourites list. If you are fond of this "acting virtuoso" as much as I am then don't let DMW pass. If you think that you might start appreciating Penns work please just be patient, watch this film and focus on his acting. I thought it was incredible and probably ONE of his masterpieces. Getting to see his skills, talent and different shades of how far he is willing to go to prove he is up there with a few actors we can never forget will really keep you on the edge to always follow up with his latest work.

I say once again, please focus on his acting capabilities if you consider watching 'Dead Man Walking'. The man has 2 Oscars and thats not the end of it. He's defenitely got a few more in him.

Long live Penn!

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  1. Yes indeed, he probably does have some great ones left in him. Along with Daniel Day Lewis he's probably the best working actor in Hollywood right now. If Leo keeps choosing well he might join them some day.