Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Middle - TV Series

Just watched the pilot that was aired last night and I got one thing to say. NICE! The main cast of this show is damn awesome. Its a show about a wifey, a hubby and three kids. The best part is the wifey is Patricia Heaton! - for those who are clueless, thats Debra, Raymond's wife from 'Everybody Loves Raymond', also the only one who had a 'normal' non-sweeky, non-i'm so bored of life voice. I never fancied 'ELR' but I'm sure that pretty mamma will be doing a damn fine job in 'The Middle'. Another GREAT surprise the show presents us is Neil Flynn (The Janitor from Scrubs). Thank god he found a place on this show as the last season of 'Scrubs' just lost it. I couldn't go past the second episode of Season 8 and had to put it to rest.

Now about the show. The mom sells cars for a living and the dad works in construction or something - didn't really pay attention sorry, but he's definitely not mopping patient puke!. They both got 3 boys and a girl. The youngest kid is somewhat like Dewey from 'Malcolm In The Middle'. The older son is just a lazy, eating, sleeping, crapping thing. The daughter, is just a daughter.

I can kinda compare this show to MITM a little. But the spot light this time is on the husband and wife. Which I don't mind at all since I always liked Debra and The Janitor was my favorite after Dr. Cox.

Anyway, over all I liked this show. The pilot was a perfect introduction and it filled up pretty good. Its definitely worth making time for as its been a while since we had seen anything on the same lines of 'Malcolm In The Middle' and I'm sure we all miss it.

Give it a shot! Its quiet entertaining to watch and is surely the only 20 minute sitcom worth watching that has piloted this Fall. (That might change after I watch 'Hank')

Stay tuned!

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