Saturday, September 26, 2009

FlashForward - TV Series

I think my last post I put up saying "fall of 2009 has nothing good to offer" was intentional:). I have a habit of purposely jinxing my self when I insist of wanting things to go my way:)

Now. FlashForward. I just saw the pilot and I was SOLD! The idea is somewhat fresh and filled with suspense. The plot is basically the following:- The whole world black out for 2 minutes 17 seconds and see their future on April 29th 2010. Each person sees something and some hope that day never comes and some are wishing their flash forward vision is actually true.

I love the idea and have added FlashForward to my list. This show has all the potential to be up there and will receive great ratings. If the writers are heading in the right direction FlashForward can easily become the next 'Lost', 'Prison Break' or 'Heroes'. People will be talking about this show in the days to come.

Talking about 'Lost', there is a little treat for you in the cast of this show - if you can't already tell from the photo above. Oh and John Cho (Harold & Kumar) is in the main cast, but he ain't stoned in this one :P. There is also another guest from 'Lost', but so far they are only scheduled for 3 episodes.

All in all, its a damn great idea and I LOVED the pilot. Can't wait for episode number two.

Check it out cause this show IS worth it.

On a side note, got my fingers crossed for 'Hank' and 'The Middle'. Pilots should be airing in the next few days. Will keep you updated.

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  1. thanks been looking forward to this i just have to be carefull of what i read trying to avoid spoilers lol