Saturday, July 11, 2009

Never Surrender (2009)

They should've called it 'Never watch this crap'

I thought to my self that maybe if they had gotten GSP or Rampage or even that midget Penn to star in this movie, it might have been better. Guess what? They can't act for shit either. So they get the next worst thing, Hector Echadiarrhea. The production and release of Never Surrender sends out a very strong message to UFC fans, "F**K YOU!". I can't believe I was actually excited when I heard a movie with UFC fighters and one targeting UFC fans is out! Director Hector knew this one would suck so bad that he HAD to include a few to many titties for viewers not to turn it off and burn the DVD with a blue flame -he had forgotten we could access porn using the internet.

This movie hits the number one spot on my "Most shittiest movies of all time" list.

Enough said.

Actually, no, I haven't said everything I have to say.

What the **** is this?

"You sucha cutie when yer not breaking bones!"

For those who do not know Quinton Jackson. Next time you see him just try reenacting that scene. Before you do make sure you order your self a power wheelchair. Hector obviously paid Rampage alot of money to spare his life when he shot this scene.



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