Monday, September 21, 2009

Bored To Death - TV Series

Is gonna fuckin bore you to death! Please don't watch it. As soon as I saw the pilot I felt sick. Shwartzman haircut made me sick. Oh and the lighting! The lighting is the worst! The show is so dead. When I watched it I entered instant depression mode. There is something about this show that makes it suck. Its only the pilot, I know. But a pilot should be interesting enough for someone to invest time the following week to sit there ass down and watch episode 2. The more I continued to watch it the more I felt dead. I really don't know what type of people would enjoy such shows. Probably smelly people who got shit stains on there beanbag cause they jerk off butt naked to Brittany Murphy and stuff the tissue under the carpet.

Man I can't believe what this show got me writing. I was looking forward to September, to the new shows. Thanks to BTD, thats one shitty show I don't have to add to the list. If you really think this show is funny then keep it to your self. In fact, if I ever meet someone who likes this show or doesn't change the channel when its on, FUCK THEM. I don't want to be friends or even acquaintances with this person.

To sum up the pilot in a few words:- dull, boring, painful to watch, anyone with Schwartzman's haircut should face death penalty , and Zack should dedicate his life to smoking pot, and stop trying to be funny.

I will provide some visuals to save you 29 minutes of your life. Oh and before I forget. ITS HBO! WTF HAPPENED TO HBO! At one point I watched any series on HBO, cause they had class and knew whats good and bad -except Sex & The City.

This is the face you will be seeing until 'Bored To Death' gets the axe. Are you willing to go thru this every week?

Watch this show sink faster than whale shit*.

Given that its a big chunk, and of course, doesn't float.

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