Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taxi Driver (1976)

After watching this movie, I'm pleased to say De Niro's fan base increase by +1. The unusual yet incredibly awesome change in Roberts character in this film left me speechless. I had no freakin idea such change can and would take place and have the film remain as awesome as it is. De Niro was in his mid 30's when he did this one and god damn it, he was a bad ass mofo psycho. His confidence when he speaks to Iris(Jodie Foster) in the coffee shop drives you crazy.

One thing him and Pacino share in comon is that THEY F***IN rocked the 70's! Another favourite scene of mine in this movie is when he chats with the secret service guy.

There is no need to really talk about The Scene, when stood infront of the mirror as it self defines the amount of hair that rest on his plums and is patented by Robert De Niro.
The best part is that I know this is not his #1 movie. I will be checking out Brazil and Deer Hunter which I'm sure will blow my mind.

Conclusion: Robert De Niro owned your ass if you were alive in the 70's.

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