Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A list of actors I hate

1.Steven Seagal
2.Nicholas Cage


Dustin Hoffman is coming extremely close of being added on that list. I've see Tootsie, hated it. The Graduate, began hating Dustin. At the moment I'm watching Kramer vs. Kramer and things aren't looking too good. I'm giving Hoffshit not one, but two more chances. I'll be watching Midnight Cowboy and Rain man in the coming days and that will determine my FINAL opinion of the Dustbin. To be fair and take credit where it is not due, Hoffman's face has really been damaging the liquid crystal on my flat panel, and any more viewings of ingenious incompetence will cost me another television. With the crisis and all, I really can't afford that at the moment, or ever.

The measures that have been taken to prevent hazardous toxic waste.

He has failed in my eyes as a trannie, a graduate who is missing the puberty gene, and a shitty father. I'm am yet to see him as a retard and as a male prostitute, and am finally moving on to the more important things in life.

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  1. I don't think there is anything to hate about Dustin. He has risen from the ashes like a
    Pheonix and has taken off to the stars Gone to hell and back and has done great.