Monday, July 13, 2009

Entourage is back!!!


This is probably my only highlight of the summer. I know. Very sad. But I don't got alot of things planned this summer, other than finishing my thesis - plus thats a burden I will continue to carry until September 25th.

I really don't know why not many people watch this show. I can only think of 2 or 3 friends who watch it, which is also very sad. If you need a reason to start watching it, I'll give you one. Just one. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). I'm pretty sure the only reason,, scratch that,,, I'm 100% certain that the only reason people love and still watch this show is to see how Ari will continue to prove to the world how he wins 1st prize for being the worlds greatest asshole, every single episode.
When the show first began, we didn't see alot of him, but the feedback gotten from the viewers had shown Marky Mark that Piven is infact why the ratings on the show are pretty high. What sucks is that Mr. Gold plays a role of a side dish in Entourage, and you don't get to see more than 5 minutes of him per episode, when infact he should be the main course. But I guess too much from something can get you sick and the writers are trying to play it safe. Another reason why you should watch this show is for the addition yet very occasional appearances of Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Moving to reasons why I wouldn't blame people who refuse to watch the show. E. Eric. Kevin Connoly. That dwarf (with all due respect to Turtle) is like the springs that just keep poking you in the arse everytime you sit on that 500 year old sofa you got in the living room that no one wants to replace cause the seat cushion has taken the shape of your grandpa's rare. I don't want to be too harsh on Connoly, but what irritates the hell out of me has something to do with when he moves that thing on his face, which causes noise. Thats all I hear. Noise. Other actors I hate on the show are everyone else other than the people I mentioned above. Ari's assistant Lloyd will get a pass, as long as he keeps getting the best out of his boss. Now, you might ask, "is one person on the show enough of a reason for you to religiously start watching Entourage?" Yes it is. Here is why.


  1. yah Entourage indeed. Crap I liked, loved Ari's character but I'm sort of fed up with him. Maybe season 6 will be a departure. I'm currently posting my favourite tv actors and I'm hoping Kevin Connolly gets nominated at the Emmy's. Which is unlikely.

  2. Why should Connolly get nominated? He sucked back in rocky and he still sucks now

  3. Crap. Connolly was not that good in the first few seasons, but I think he's hit his stride by season 5. I mean, it's about time and all. Okay, other than Piven, do you like any one of the actual Entourage?

  4. Drama. thats it. Vincent is such a sissy and turtle has got a real insignificant role.