Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good Dick (2008)

Many of you might have not heard of this recent movie probably due to its weak promotion outside the US. Director, writer and star Marianna Palka does a great job in her debut appearance. The title has nothing to do with what you're probably thinking off. This one right here is about a troubled woman and a stubborn video clerk who tries to pull her away from her claustrophobic world. The rest is for you to watch and find out! What I can tell you is that by the time I was done watching this film, I knew instantly the new title that was going to be added on my 'Top 10 movies of 2008' list.

The only factor that slightly bothered me about this movie is the runtime. Its been a while since I've enjoyed a movie like this one right here, and wish it was a bit longer! Never the less I highly recommend Good Dick (the movie) so you can see for your self that the release of meaningful and great movies did not take a complete halt in the new millennium. (I'm sorry for the crappy news, but I really think 99% of the directors and writers lost it after the mid 90's.)

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