Monday, November 9, 2009

It is Official!

First off, sorry for the long break. I didn't feel like there was anything worth posting or sharing with you guys. I've been watching a few shows over the past month and will share with you now :).

Before I give you something worth reading or checking out. It's official chicks and dudes. It is official, Desperate House Wives has begun a very high speed decline. From the start of season 6 I knew I was not in for another entertaining season of DHW. The focus on the main characters has faded away to crap. They began introducing new characters that really have nothing that would keep you wanting to see whats going to happen the next episode. I was not quick to judge and gave it six episodes before I pulled the plug on that b*tch! I think I was fair with deciding not to ever see another episode of DHW ever again. They were not doing too bad end of season 5, and should have done the right thing and just gave us a proper finale. Now people won't say DHW was a great show anymore. Instead "DHW should have stopped at the fifth season". As much as I dig Drea De Matteo, introducing her didn't do the show any good, and did end up losing me as a fan either way.

A small update on the shows I mentioned in my previous blogs and how they are doing.

The Middle update

So far this show has been fun to watch. I haven't set a bar that high, knowing that it will probably never be a GREAT show, but more like a show that isn't painful to watch. The little kid though does tend to get a little annoying and should stop that whole whispering and repeating words cause its not as funny as they thought it would be.

Boy Meets World

I finally watched the last episode a few hours ago. I must say that I loved how we got to see the main cast grow up over the years. The character development was excellent for Cory's dad and Corys brother, Eric. When the show first started the father was never really that involved and Eric was close to a cameo. But they really did play it right and by the end of this show I can comfortably say Eric was one of my favorites! (FEHEHEHENEY!?!) Adding Rachel and Shawn's brother to the show wasn't a bad idea either.

The only thing that might have taken down this show ratings back in the day was the whole romantic side of Cory and Topanga. We all knew they were meant for each other, but wanted to laugh more than see Cory repeatedly assuring his love bird that they will end up together forever. Feeny was also a very lovable and respectable character.

Flash Foward update

Sorry, I lost interest in the 3rd episode. I was very wrong when I said this show might be the next Lost or Prison Break. This show had one of the best pilots I've seen in a very long time. The sad part is that the pilot might have been the climax of Flash Forward. What made me lose interest is the seventeen thousand story lines every episode. Not only that. But they are not as exciting as I thought they would be. The idea is fresh but the writers did get way too excited and messed up. I found my self having to focus very hard to remotely enjoy this "would have been".

'Til Death update

On a break again! Man this show's got the axe flying at it quiet fast. When they did get back, I realized the episodes were not as exciting as they use to be. They weren't bad,,, just not as good. But not bad enough for me to stop watching sexy Joely Fisher :).

Curb Your Enthusiasm update

Still running strong! If you haven't seen this show yet, stop messing about and start watching it. LD is really a genius.

One Tree Hill update

I have to admit but this show has to be my "guilty pleasure"! I don't talk about it because the only people who know how great it actually is are the ones who've seen it from the beginning. A major change in cast has taken place this season but the change was PERFECT. So PERFECT that I forgot we lost some of our favorites. The addition of smoking hot Shantel VanSanten was spot on! I hope they make her main cast cause she is the main reason I look forward every week for this show after the changes that have taken place. Also Jana Kramer is a little eye candy!
Bringing back Daneel Harris also made my day!


except, you know... (trying to avoid a spoiler)

Anyway thats it for the the shows that I thought are worth mentioning.

On a side note. I was told Oz was a another great show that ended after 6 seasons in 2003. I watched the pilot a month back and definitely thought it was great. So will continue watching that today:) For those who are confused. Oz is like Prison Break except there is no break :) I think. Its life in prison. Not bad I hope.

I've also watched the pilot of 'It's always Sunny in Philadelphia' and kinda liked it. Hope I stay liking it :).

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