Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 7 Episode 2

Okay, I am currently watch over 20 shows and I never thought I would be bringing up any of the stuff thats been running for a while now. But I really have to make an exception this time. I've been following CYE from the start and I always thought it was a great show. Larry David probably has one of them most repulsive, annoying and most irritating personalities ever on his show. I'm sure he's not the same in real life, but if he was that bad I wouldn't be surprised:). Anyway I've always enjoyed watching LD crossing the "red line" and going so far past limits that if the situations he puts him self in actually do happen in real life, the man would be losing friends and screwing his reputation by the second. In every episode, he does something incredibly stupid or rude, and when you think its about time he shut his mouth, he takes the word "rudeness" to the next level.

The most recent episode I watched last night entitled 'Vehicular Fellatio' really did it for me. If any of you guys out there fail to see the humor in this show you have to see the second episode of season seven. This episode is by far probably the most LD packed episode. This episode really defines LDs show. The man does not know when to stop and will be flying by you at 100 reasons you wanna stab him/second. You can be on your death bed and ask him for a can of coke. He'll go to the vending machine, get you one and make sure he doesn't leave the room before you pay him back.

Try giving this show a shot if you still haven't began watching it. Give this episode a shot in specific. If you love it then I suggest you start from the pilot, cause you're missing out on a whole lot of quality HBO.

Larry David has no limits - and will never fail to impress you:)

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