Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True Blood

See, here is the thing with 'True Blood'. Its a fantastic show. The idea behind it is just what we've been waiting for. I considered my self a vampire fanatic. When I was 15. I find it really hard nowadays to watch fictional shows or movies. Specially Sci-Fi and vampire related crap. I know that if I was still into Angel - which btw is probably the best vampire series ever - I would've fallen in love with True Blood. The pilot episode last year was great but I've really moved on and don't think will ever consider watching those kinda shows or movies ever again.

I was so obsessed with the whole blood sucking thing in my teens I decided to write a paper on how vampires do exist in real life and I remember writing something about an extra chromosome people have which make'em crave for blood. That was me 6 years ago. Today I've grown and none of that crap will ever do it for me anymore. I'm not saying 'True Blood' is a crap show, I'm just saying that unless your still a fan of Vampire related entertainment, part of you will be enjoying the show and the amazing concept of this show, and the other half of you will be sayin "I can't believe I'm actually watching this show?!?! Its so great but why am I still watching it?"

So on a final note, if you are a fan of these kinda shows, there is no way you won't love this one. I would definitely recommend it. Otherwise don't bother.

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