Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie break

I've decided to take a break from watching 700 movies a day. I've been catching up with a few ended sitcoms like According to Jim and The King of Queens:) Watching everything shouldn't take me more than two weeks given I watch about a season every 2 or 3 days. Another mini-series I began watching which I would highly recommend is Angels In America. Another obsession which is slowly growing on to me is sports! Weird huh? I've been hooked to the superbike season ( WSBK and MotoGP) big time. MotoGP can be considered the Formula 1 for superbikes but I've really been enjoying WSBK ALOT more. Only problem is both events will be ending in November and be back in March-April. If anyone out there has any recommendations ( other than soccer, football, golf, hockey, WWE and UFC) please advise:). I'm considering watching some basket ball as that will start around the same time superbike ends, and the best part is it will end around same time MotoGP starts! So yeah I'll be busy watching something all year! Ofcourse other than the 25 other series and sitcoms I'm following.

Before I forget, I had seen G.I. Joe a few days ago at the movies and I was surprisingly very entertained! I must say I really enjoyed it. Way more than Transformers 2. Oh and one more thing. Seth Rogen sucks. I've given up on his repetitive dumb comedy and will consider watching his stuff again once he tries something different. I might cheat and watch Funny People, but that is the last movie I'm watching for him.

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