Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The new Camaro blows!

I consider my self a muscle car lover. I'm guessing left and right road bends weren't invented yet as a term of reference for the engineers when the they decided to start building them. Still, owning a muscle is probably the sweet feelings in life a man can experience.

Now, please be kind enough and explain to me how can something this gorgeous go from looking like...

To looking like this...

and finally!!

I will tell you exactly what happened in the process of what is known as the biggest screw up in muscle car design history.

In 1969, the designer became partially visually impaired and came up with...

He was fired in 1981. Now thanks to the implementation of affirmative action, GM got the worste out of it. They should've kept thier pride and self respect and not fired Mr. I-can-hardly-see-jack-shit-anymore.

In 1982 it was publicly announced that Mr. I-can't-see-jack-shit has been hired.
This was the result.

Finally in 2008, the "Eat Light and Look Right" nutrition campaign couldn't only stop at food. GM had to push it and make thier vehicles look right too. The result?



A Corvette on a diet and life sucked out of it.

I struggled alot in finding a picture of the backside of the new Camaro. Then I thought "Oh well, I'm sure the official website would have a photo", and they did, ONLY ONE! Looks like they're finally convinced what a f*ck up they had done and decided to hide its fuglyness as much as possible to the poor fanatics.

The only thing that caught my attention about the new Camaro was the interior, which was the only decent thing left not to critisize, and that was it really. Don't worry, I did not miss the sleak design of the front of the car, I made sure I got as much mucus on the hood the last time I saw one. The owner thanked me afterwards for how masculine my personal addition made the car look.
On a final note, I must mention the only manufacturer who pulled out in 1974 that deserves all the respect Cheverolet will never earn is Plymouth.

The Cuda.

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  1. haha!!! i do admit in the 1980s to the early 21st century camaros were UGLY!! But seeing the NEW model makes you think WOW, what a change! Also, Obama banned all gas guzzling cars so you wont be seeing any future camaros, dont worry! But the the challenger is a gas guzzler too (same with the mustang).