Saturday, July 25, 2009

I got a new passion, and its called...


Never in my life did I think I'de get into this kind of sport. At the moment I'm following the 2009 rounds for MotoGP(125cc, 250cc and 800cc), WSBK, BSB. It all started out of the blues. About a week ago I turned my TV on and Round 9 of the MotoGP was on. I wasn't really paying attention at first but then I did start paying attention to what those daredevils were doing it was love at first sight. I gave WSBK a shot at first, realised it won't be enough dosage. Moved to 800cc MotoGP. When that was over I had to start watching the less power class, the 125cc and 250cc races. I was also told that British Superbike Championships is worth following. Did not hesitate and did that too. Over the past week my outlook towards life has changed to the better thanks to that MotoGP race being aired at the perfect time when I decided to watch some TV. I'm also considering F1 which I'm definitely going to enjoy.

Now the best part of this all is that we got a track back home in Qatar that MotoGP and WSBK comes down to every year since 2004:) Is life good or what?

Some of you might not relate. But one good reason why you should consider watching this crazy sport is shown below :)

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