Friday, July 3, 2009

The two different type of crappers.

You got the first category of public toilet crappers who drop bombs while not caring who's around and who's gonna hear it. Then you got the discreet crappers who make sure everyone has left the toilet when its time to download. why would anyone care who's around when they lay one down. Its not like they're still going to be out there when you come out. The only thing anyone should be remotely worried about is someone entering the cubicle they were in as soon as they got out. I say this because the first thing a person does that enters a cubicle that another person has dropped a load in, is promise them selves to never ever have to meet that person in the near future or ever. The leaver exits feeling sorry and embarrassed and the person about to engage sewers inc. is about to start cursing a person they have never met before and wonder how the only thing they share in common is the seat they're about to sit on, and if any bum diseases will be passed along.

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