Sunday, July 5, 2009

Next (2007)

I am yet to find a single human being on this planet who is a Cage fan. I've seen over a dozen of his movies and I feel that he lacks a skill, which we know as... acting. The only movie I can frankly say I enjoyed was Lord Of War. The guys tone, character and cold blooded extremely annoying attitude has been the same since he decided to sign up for Hollywood. I was flipping thru my cable last night and "Next" was almost have way through. The first thing that catches my eye in Cage's movies is that, anyone can play the role he plays! The guy has no talent. For example in "Next" they couldve gotten any, and I mean any newbie to play his role and the movie would've gotten the same mediocre reviews by the viewers. Acting is one thing and trying to get your eyebrows to make out everytime the director shouts "Action!" is another. If you find your self repeatedly getting suicidal tendencies please watch 'The Weather Man' and die slowly. Cage is ripping us all off! You want acting? This is acting...

Or this...

Those two shots alone say a thousand words.

I've got my fingers crossed for the next competent recruits and cvs Hollywood will be looking at.

Shia LaBeouf seems like he'll be going places.

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