Friday, July 3, 2009

My new job description states..

that I'm one hell of a great procrastinator. I've been laid off since march, thanks to the cute little crisis. Since then I said I got 6 months left for my thesis. Today I got less than 3 months left to hand it in. Im done with my proposal and get the important info that I will be including in the thesis. so things aren't that bad after all?

The question now is, when am I going to type the first letter on Word that will jump start the thesis. What kinda sucks is I will be leaving Dubai for good one month after I hand in my thesis. Life sucks doesn't it? I've been here for 6 years and I just feel like this is where I belong. This is my home, not where ive lived for 16 years with my family. I've come to the solution on to why I hate and can't stand the thought of leaving Dubai. Its the whole freedom b.s. that I was deprived from before I left Qatar. Today I can consider my self happy. In November I will consider my self unhappy. I will put some effort to stay here for an extra year as I'm really not really to settle in Qatar just yet.

It really is a wonderful feeling knowing that at one stage you will be unhappy when you know you would've stayed happy if .... nevermind u know where im going.

I shall warn who ever is reading this, that I will bring up and insisting on when I recieve my big break a few times. I believe I will be getting it before the age of 25. I hope so, got my fingers crossed.

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